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Please read and familiarise yourself with this page.

At ZBC, we have the rule of BADMINTON SHOES ONLY (otherwise gum soled non-marking indoor court shoes) to be used on our International standard high friction courts. High-quality courts come with high footwear requirements.


We take pride in our international standard courts and are passionate about raising a badminton culture where clean and correct footwear is worn in the badminton hall. Help us to help you enjoy the wonderfully clean and grippy courts!


It's no secret that we have this rule - we want you to know! Just like many other sports, there are shoes specially designed for that sport. For example, ice skating; you have ice stakes, bowling; bowling shoes, rugby; rugby boots, badminton; badminton shoes. The list goes on showing each type of shoe having their respective purposes.


What are the options?

We have badminton shoes for sale. We recommend this option as a cheap/entry level solution (possibly the cheapest in Christchurch)! They are amazing for any beginner or casual player who plays every now and then.


Alternatively, if you are more serious about badminton, you can choose to look into in purchasing shoes from brands like Yonex, Victor, ASICS etc who produce great shoes for the badminton court. They often come with a price tag of around $150-$250.


If your shoes are unfit or are the incorrect type, consider picking some up at our shop or at your local shopping center and ask for gum soled non-marking indoor court shoes.

It would be unfair to other players if the courts have been damaged by the use of incorrect footwear so please respect the rules and awareness of others. If damage to the court does occur (see slideshow below for examples), the (individual or group) member who booked the court where the damage occurred will be held responsible and will need to pay for the cleaning fee.

Non-marking shoes should specify on the soles if they are non-marking. However, this may only apply to wood/tile floors; whereas, badminton courts have a much rougher surface and therefore have different requirements to be considered non-marking.


Understand that some non-marking shoes may only apply to wood/tile floors so be sure to check! That is why we require you to wear badminton shoes or, gum soled non-marking indoor court shoes. Rubber badminton courts have a much rougher surface to stop you from slipping so, therefore, have different requirements to be considered non-marking.


Shoes with dark soles that don't specify 'non-marking' CAN NOT be used on the courts. Dirty, sharp shoes and stilettos are also not allowed.


Please do not be offended if we ask you to change your shoes based on the staff's judgment.


If you need, we are happy to lend you badminton shoes to borrow. :) Due to Covid restrictions we are not able to lend shoes at this moment in time.

These shoes are donated by the kind people of the community which we can lend to you (Yay, thanks kind people!).

We are still collecting shoes so if you have any old or unwanted badminton shoes please send them to us.



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