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ZBC Health and Safety

1.    ZBC does not generally provide supervision of use of the Badminton courts. You must take full responsibility for your use of the Badminton Centre, including when unattended and unsupervised. ZBC is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable facility to all its users. 

2.    It is your responsibility to observe the following Health and Safety requirements:
(a)    Badminton is a physical sport that carries inherent risk of physical injury. Before undertaking physical activity at the Badminton Centre you should seek medical advice on the appropriateness of the activity. By making use of the Badminton Centre you confirm that you are medically and physically fit and do not suffer from any injury, disease or condition, either physical or mental, that would affect your ability to safely participate in any activities you participate in at the Badminton Centre.
(b)    Use appropriate equipment to reduce and manage the risk of injury:
(i)    Appropriate footwear must used, being clean and non-marking indoor court shoes.
(ii)    Only approved Badminton shuttlecocks may be used inside the Badminton courts. Balls or any other flying objects may not be used at any time.
(iii)    Comfortable clothing which does not restrict the movements is required when playing Badminton.
(c)    Keep the courts clear from any obstacles which may interfere with play:
(i)    Remove shuttlecocks from the court area if not in use.
(ii)    Keep the immediate area surrounding the court(s) clear to allow for sufficient run-off space.
(iii)    Avoid having any other equipment on the court(s) other than racquets and shuttles.
(iv)    Ensure that other people present in the stadium keep clear of the playing area.
(v)    Closely monitor young children and make sure they are aware of the dangers when coming too close to the playing area.
(d)    Ensure the playing surface is clean and dry:
(i)    You must check that the playing surface is free from spilled water and / or perspiration caused by previous users.
(ii)    You must check that excess dust is removed.
(iii)    If after checking the courts and removing any substances the playing surface still feels slippery, you must suspend or cancel play until the surface has been checked by ZBC.
(e)    Fire Evacuation:
(i)    You ensure you are familiar with and comply with the emergency evacuation procedures as displayed around the Badminton courts.
(ii)    In the event of a fire evacuation you must, at the meeting point specified in our emergency evacuation procedures, account for all people participating in your booking.
(iii)    If you are a club, you must ensure that you maintain a register of participants at each club event at the Badminton Centre to ensure that you can account for your participants at the meeting point.

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